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Going to a link exchange to boast your page ranking is a decent way to get free backlinks to your site. There is a lot of talk about how they don’t work as well as they used to, but they are a far cry from going the way of link farms, which the search engines can now detect as spam link building operations. if you’re backlinking on a budget, link exchanges can supplement article submission, link directory submission, and forum posting. To start with, choose a popular site to increase the number of relevant links you could collect. Link Market is free to join and offers 5 links a day on their regular plan. I’ve not upgraded to premium because I use this as only one part of my linking strategy, so it offers enough.


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Be aware that even if you clearly lay out in your bio exactly what your site is about, every subject it covers, you’ll probably still get a lot of people contacting you with offers from barely related websites, spamming out their requests to everyone they can as if it were a link farm. There seem to be quite a few competing sites offering linking services, so it is well worth joining several of them to spread the net out further. There is usually quite a lot of functionality offered for free, and the downside of a cap on the maximum number of links per day to exchange is countered by being a part of several sites. If you’re into social media and social marketing, then you can arrange some more organic link building by putting out feelers expressing that you want to swap links with people in similar fields and see what becomes of it. If you’ve managed to link together several blogging and microblogging accounts, you might be surprised at the response. The downside being that you lose the benefit of being able to preselect people to swap with that have popular blogs with good page ranks. Remember that link relevance is far more important than quantity to Page Rank, and that non-reciprocal links have more ‘link juice’ in them. Although I have read about a couple of fairly well controlled tested in which one-way links seemed to have no extra benefit.

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