Chartered surveyor in london

Chartered surveyor in london is an independent professional business of property professionals that is owned and run by chartered building surveyors and professional engineers.

Most Chartered Surveyors are employed by or working on behalf of either the mortgage company, the bank or the Estate Agents.


Chartered surveyor in london

Although they might be chartered surveyors they are probably not chartered building surveyors
We are working to delight you, so we only have your interest in mind. A chartered surveyor employed by a mortgage company or a panel surveyor is working for the mortgage company – not you.

We carry out house surveys, building surveys, homebuyers reports, specificic defects reports, and valuations.

You get a personal service, our chartered surveyors will telephone you on the day of his survey to give a brief verbal summary on the main findings of building surveys or homebuyers reports and will offer useful advice on your potential purchase.
Being property professionals, we always send the correct person for the job – for example we will send professional chartered surveyors & engineers who are chartered building surveyors & also professional engineers, not a valuer. Otherwise it’s a bit like sending a carpenter to fix your central heating system.

Our building surveys can be tailored to your specific requirements, i.e.if there are particular issues or concerns, these will be addressed in our report.


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