Shooting Range Charlotte NC

Shooting Range Charlotte NC is an indoor and outdoor gun range and store that also conducts gun training programs. This company is dedicated to providing a clean, friendly and safe environment for those who shoot, receive training or purchase firearms. They are also committed to educating the community about proper firearm safety, firearms and personal defense. At the same time, Shooting Range Charlotte NC emphasizes the importance of gun safety to students.

Their team of instructors is very capable of communicating their expertise and knowledge gained through years of teaching and shooting. They also attend frequent seminars to teach students the latest techniques in gun handling and safety along with the numerous changes in gun legislation. Each instructor is also screened and assessed carefully before being hired. They also provide personalized attention to their students. This enables people to be very comfortable with their program no matter what their level of skill and expertise is.


Top Quality Defensive Equipment

Shooting Range Charlotte NC also focuses on providing customers with top quality defensive equipment. They also help people build a foundation of self-defense independence. At the same time, every product sold at the company undergoes a very thorough check to ensure that they are of the highest quality and can meet their owner’s demands.

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