Small office phone systems

So you’re looking for an small office phone systems australia? You’re doing all your due diligence online and finding out which would be the best office phone system for your business? Excellent!

I wish I would have been like you!!! I spent over $8,000 in phone systems for my business. I purchased two different office phone systems which quickly became antiquated. Today I pay only a low monthly fee for phone system that does far more than my previous phone systems. In an effort to help others I did what everybody else does 🙂 I blogged about it. Here’s how I went wrong and what I was looking for. To start off I wanted a phone system for a small business that housed about 12 employees. I was told I needed a phone system in my office with “mailbox” capabilities. The phone system was to direct all calls to the auto attendant which was built in the phone system. I had to purchase phone lines from the phone company incurring a monthly fee + all the equipment.

What I later came to find out was that thanks to new “cloud” technology you do not have to host the phone system with in your office. There are several companies offering all the services that any office phone system does at a lower rate. After doing extensive research on which phone system to go with in the cloud I came up with these.


RingCentral charges me a low monthly fee with no hassle. If you call my office today it will direct you to an auto attendant which is “in the cloud” and when you select “sales” it rings here at my office plus my cell phone. This gives me the added bonus of making our company seem very professional. Their customer service is also top notch. I had a problem which I felt I wanted to talk to a manager and there’s a link on their site “contact a supervisor”. I hesitantly clicked it expecting no call but to my surprise a supervisor called me back. Gotta love great service!

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